Recep TAYFUN, Ph.D.
• Date and place of birth: Istanbul - 1965

• Position: Baskent University Faculty of CommunicationLecturer of the Department of Public Relations Vice Dean

• Languages: German - English

• Phone (GSM): 505-221 40 27

• E-mail:


• Istanbul University, Communication, MA, Journalism and Public Relations, 1987-1989.

• University of Istanbul, Communication, Ph.D., Journalism and Public Relations, 1989-1994.

• PhD Field Work, 1990-1991, Germany, Freiburg University.

• The Council of Europe "Human Rights and Governance" on basic education programs, 1995.

• Associate Professor of Communication Sciences Title. 2011


• "Effective Communication and Body Language", (Book), Nobel Publications - 2007, 2008, 2010

• "Right to Information Public Citizen Relations Perspective" - Article-2007

• "International Information Sharing and Co-Operation in the New Paradigm -Contact", book chapters published abroad in 2008.

• "Understanding the public" manuscript, 2010.

• "Change Management" research report, 2009.

• "The Future of Public Relations" manuscript, 2010.

• "Juvenile Delinquency and Media", Master's Thesis 1989

• "Contemporary View of Public Relations and Public Services", Phd Tezi1994

• "Hostage Negotiation and Negotiation Techniques", Lecture Notes-2002

• "November 17 terrorist organization", (Book) - 2003

• "Community Supported Security Service - New York Case", Articles - Translation, 2005


• Çanakkale Eighteen March at the International NGO Conference, organized by the University, "NGOs and Public Relations" on paper, 2010.

• Capital University School of Social Work Symposium, "A Critical Approach to Social Performance in Children's Existence" on paper, 2009.

• The International NGO Conference, organized by the Çanakkale Eighteen Mart University, "Social Responsibility and Public Relations" on paper, 2009.

• Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, which was organized by the International Public Relations Conference on "Communication and Civil Disobedience" on paper, 2009.

• "Proactive Reflex Action and Democratic life of the Effects of Non-Governmental Organizations", the globalization process in Turkey Paper presented at the Symposium, 2008.

• "The role played by NGOs in terms of contributions to the Global Peace", presented at the International Conference of Civil Society Communiqué, 2008.

• "Johari Window Perspective Media - Security Relations", presented at the Symposium on Globalization Process in Turkey Communiqué, 2008.

• Governed by Ataturk University Security and Public Relations presented the Panel on Communication, 2001.

• Understanding of Modern Public Administration in the symposium, titled Communiqué of the 21st century, the Turkish Government TODAIE -1997 - Ankara.

• Correction of Media Ethics and Answers About the Move Value Perspective, Firat University Faculty of Communication, "Media and Ethics" International Symposium, 13-14 October 2011 Elazig.


• Effective Communication and Body Language

• Communication and Public Relations

• Interpersonal Communication

• Media and Public Opinion

• Perception Management

• Negotiation Management

• Change Management

• Organizational Communication and Organizational Culture

• Management by Objectives